Rick Kvistad – Accent Studies And Etudes For Percussion

Mar 16 2015

Rick Kvistad – Accent Studies And Etudes For Percussion

Play all studies slowly enough to be comfortable and relaxed. Gradually increase the tempo, but stay relaxed. Use the metronomic markings on the etudes as a goal for that Etude and corresponding Study. Rick Kvistad has been the principal percussionist and Associate Principal Timpanist of the San Francisco Opera Orchestra since 1980. Before that he had the same title with the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra.
He has performed on numerous recordings such as the Star Wars Trilogy by John Williams. Rick has had an interest in combining musical elements of classical, world music and jazz through his involvement with diverse chamber music groups he co-founded such as the Blackearth Percussion Group, KOTEKAN, XYLO, and ADESSO.
In addition Rick has composed many works for percussion, orchestra and chamber music that have been performed around the world.
Experiment with the following variations:

  • Start with the left hand
  • Vary the dynamics pp to lf
  • Play through each study without repeats
  • Add flams, drags and ruffs to accented notes
  • Roll on non-accented notes, open and closed
  • Roll throughout, open and closed
  • Play as a canon with two or more players; one or two bars apart
  • Use double strokes (RRLL)
  • Use paradiddle stickings (RLRR LRLL)

Format: PDF, 36 pages

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