Richie Kotzen – Young Guitar (September 2007)

Mar 12 2018

Richie Kotzen – Young Guitar (September 2007)

Richie Kotzen Young Guitar September 2007 DVD download. Offered to your attention video disc for the September 2007 issue of the journal for guitarists “Young Guitar”. In the video, a well-known guitarist Richie Kotzen talks about his new instrument, gives a few lessons, and shows some interesting melodies and techniques. Also on the disc there are lessons from Shane Gibson, who demonstrates his technique for seven string guitar. Extracts video and interviews with some Japanese guitar hero – Takayoshi Ohmura, who co-starred in a pair with an American singer named Doogie White. There is some vocal similarities to Ronnie James Dio, Joe Line Turner’s vocals and Yngwie… A couple of speeches and interviews of Japanese bands.

Language: English
Year: 2007
Country: USA
Running time: 50 min
Quality: DVD5
Video: MPEG2 720×480 9300 kbps 29.97 fps Aspect ratio: 4:3
Audio: AC3 2 ch 192 Kbps 48.0 KHz
Booklet: No
Size: 4.2 Gb

Richie Kotzen - Young Guitar (September 2007)

Richie Kotzen – Young Guitar (September 2007)

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  1. goodperson4321 /

    How do I get a PDF from the Magazine or the Young Guitar Magazine
    (sept 7 2007 )itself –

  2. doug /

    Great job and great guitarist ever!

  3. ppp /

    yeah thank you :punk:

  4. Aaron79 /

    nice blog good luck to continue

  5. Neko /

    Great, He is one of the best guitarists of yesterday and today.

  6. roli /

    My best guitarist!

  7. Nice /

    Great. Where is the download?

  8. mastercat /

    Richie Kotzen :yourock:

  9. longquan /

    Ritchie is perfect!

    Any pdf from the magazine ?

  10. Daniel /

    Richie Kotzen is amazing!

  11. momsua /

    very good excellent guitarist. :punk:

  12. ide /

    Nice blog, richie kotzen is the best guitar player in the world

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