Renard D. Hoover: Right-Hand Development For Jazz Guitar

May 10 2023

Renard D. Hoover: Right-Hand Development For Jazz Guitar

Renard D Hoover Right-Hand Development For Jazz Guitar PDF. Renard Hoover’s book focuses solely on Right Hand development through the use of open string exercises. If these types of exercises bore you then don’t need this book. However if you want simple exercises that will increase your right hand strength, agility, precision and speed then this is the book for you. The studies in this book do wonders – even the ones in the first few pages. For added precision try them using the Stylus Pick. This book is so devoted to the right hand, all the exercises are played on open strings, so the left hand does nothing, period.
The material contained in this book is the result of countless hours of playing, observation, and teaching. The concept evolved while studying classical guitar and I began to realize that the immense musical and technical demands placed on the right hand in classic guitar were, generally, ignored in modern methods for pick-style guitar. These modern methods assume the right hand will automatically follow the left in the curse of its development. Many of my own students musical and technical problems were directly related to the inability to execute the right hand properly.
This right-hand technique began as an attempt to correct these deficiencies, and resulted in a marked and rapid improvement in my students’ playing. On this basis, it is my contention that the right hand in pick-style deserves the same attention that our classical colleagues spend time developing with Paparraro, Pujol, and Giuliani. Practicing with these studies will improve clarity in single-line improvisation, reading, musical phrasing, and chord melody playing. In short, the overall quality of musicianship will be raised.
The arrangement of this book assumes the level of beginner. Advanced players may find the latter exercises more appropriate to their immediate needs. However. I cannot stress too strongly, the need to practice this book from the beginning. The right hand must be allowed time to adapt to the appropriate moves required in each set of exercises.
It is my hope  that this book provides a means for all serious students of this beautiful instrument towards attainment of self-expression-regardless of style or idiom.

Format: PDF, 47 pages

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