Reading Music for Guitar – The Rock House Method

Jun 13 2016

Reading Music for Guitar – The Rock House Method

Here is a modern, unique learning system that starts from the beginner level and progresses through advanced techniques. This comprehensive method covers melody, rhythm, chords, scales and even lead guitar techniques. Learn theory, dynamics, syncopation, the major scale formula and how to apply it all to the guitar. Learn the basics of blues, rock and many songs and progressions. Over 120 professionally recorded audio backing tracks and playing examples on the included MP3 CD will guide you through each lesson. Use the in-depth quiz system to gauge your progress at each step and help ensure an effective learning experience.

Lessons include:

  • 64 Pages of Text & Notation
  • 122 Professional Produced Backup Tracks
  • Scales
  • Rhythm
  • Chords
  • Lead Guitar
  • 3/4 Timing
  • Playing More Than One Note
  • Half Note Strums
  • Tempo
  • Rehearsal Marks
  • Dotted Quarter Notes
  • The F Chord
  • 12 Bar Blues
  • The Major Scale Formula
  • And More!

Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3). 67 pages

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