Ray Hitchins – How To Play Reggae Guitar

Jul 25 2020

Ray Hitchins – How To Play Reggae Guitar

Ray Hitchins How To Play Reggae Guitar PDF. Learn to play authentic reggae guitar. Here’s a complete guide to this unique style of music, including an explanation of the rhythms used, construction of guitar parts, exercises, examples, amplifier settings, and much more. The recording contains all the examples in the book, so you can learn to hear and play correctly from the very beginning.
This book delivers exactly what it says – this is an introduction on how to play reggae guitar. Each lesson takes you step by step. Once you get to Lesson 11, things started to make sense. Then after lesson 15, you started to know what Reggae is about and you will be really hooked. Some of the exercises are simplistic – but they are crucial to developing a good technical foundation for what is basically one form of Jamaican folk music.
Get the fundamentals down and the dynamics and subtle techniques will follow.

Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3). 57 pages

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