Play Alto Sax Today! Level 2

Dec 27 2021

Play Alto Sax Today! Level 2

Play Alto Sax Today Level 2 PDF. The Ultimate Self-Teaching Method. There’s no better way to learn to play alto sax either on your own or with an instructor than with this book/online audio access! It features over 70 great songs and examples; 77 full-demo tracks available as online audio content included in book ; more new notes, keys and rhythms; a fingering chart; a glossary of musical terms; and much more!
This book and CD does what it is designed to do, teach one how to play the Alto Saxophone. It’s well designed and gives a beginner a second course in fingering, keys, notes, etc. I would recommend this book as well a Alto Sax level one as a beginning course for anyone wanting to learn to play the Alto Sax. Learn level one first.

Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3). 49 pages


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