Pianist #75

Nov 04 2021

Pianist #75

Pianist #75 PDF download. December 2013-January 2014. For the passionate players, or early beginners, Pianist PDF magazine will teach you the art of piano playing through professional advice, sheet music and lessons for all levels. Your piano playing journey starts here with the magazine that doubles as an entertaining read and the ultimate interactive piano teacher. Read, learn and play the piano with Pianist magazine every issue.
Pianist magazine PDF is adored internationally by those who have a passion for playing the piano. From Bach to Billy Joel, the magazine offers a wide range of music styles to learn from, as you don’t just read it – you play it too!
With PDF Pianist magazine you can expect nothing less than the very best when it comes to playing the instrument you love. You’ll have everything you need to play like an expert, including notes on technique, pedalling and interpretation, sheet music reviews, Q&As, teaching tips, in-depth ‘How to Play’ masterclasses, readers’ letters, piano news, interviews with top concert pianists and so much more!

Pianist #75 issue contents:

  • Competition. Three lucky winners will receive a copy of the book Ornamentation: A Question & Answer Manual – invaluable for understanding your trills and turns
  • News. Pekinel sisters on stage in Istanbul, Bosendorfer’s anniversary extravaganza, celebrity amateur pianists play Schumann, award for Jeremy Denk and more
  • Expert Talk. Christian Blackshaw on the special touch needed for Mozart, Tim Stein on finicky fifth fingers in his Q&A column and the PTA on the meaning of ‘overstrung’
  • Jools Holland Erica Worth talks with the modern king of boogie-woogie at his famous recording studio, and discovers that even if Jools loves what he plays, he still makes the time to practise arpeggios
  • How to Play Masterclass 1. Mark Tanner on a singing cantabile style
  • How to Play Masterclass 2. Graham Fitch on improving trill technique. Don’t miss Graham’s online lessons!
  • How to Play 1. Janet Newman on Grieg’s ‘Lonely Wanderer’
  • How to Play 2. Lucy Parham on Clara Schumann’s Notturno
  • The Scores. A pullout section of 40 pages of sheet music for all levels. Plus Tim Stein on his new ‘Basics of Learning the Piano’ video lessons
  • Beginner Keyboard Class. Hans-Gunter Heumann’s third lesson: An introduction to pedalling
  • How to Play Boogie-woogie. Christopher Norton offers up a step-by-step lesson on his Feelin’ Boogie-woogie, written exclusively for Pianist
  • History of Boogie-woogie. Ever wondered where boogie-woogie originated? Gez Kahan catches a steam train back in time to Texas and the ‘barrel house’ pianists
  • Learn Jazz! If the Jools Holland interview and the boogie-woogie history article have whetted your appetite, how do you get to play like that? Inge Kjemtrup points you in the right direction
  • Charles-Valentin Alkan. Alkan’s 200th anniversary has been overshadowed by Verdi and Wagner. Mark Viner’s article on this French Romantic composer makes him shine once more
  • Piano Round-Up. Part 2 of our annual ‘best of’ uprights, grands and digitals – for all tastes and all budgets (Part 1 appeared in the last issue)
  • CD Review. It’s Beethoven only in this issue, with 5 stars for newcomer Igor Levit
  • Sheet Music Review. A two-page special with Christmas presents in mind: music for the beginner, intermediate and advanced player. Plus duets, learning books, non-classical and much more.


Text Format PDF, 92 pages


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