Pianist #105

Sep 29 2022

Pianist #105

Pianist #105 PDF download. For the passionate players, or early beginners, Pianist PDF magazine will teach you the art of piano playing through professional advice, sheet music and lessons for all levels. Your piano playing journey starts here with the magazine that doubles as an entertaining read and the ultimate interactive piano teacher. Read, learn and play the piano with Pianist magazine every issue.
Pianist magazine PDF is adored internationally by those who have a passion for playing the piano. From Bach to Billy Joel, the magazine offers a wide range of music styles to learn from, as you don’t just read it – you play it too!
With PDF Pianist magazine you can expect nothing less than the very best when it comes to playing the instrument you love. You’ll have everything you need to play like an expert, including notes on technique, pedalling and interpretation, sheet music reviews, Q&As, teaching tips, in-depth ‘How to Play’ masterclasses, readers’ letters, piano news, interviews with top concert pianists and so much more!

Pianist #105 issue contents:

  • Christmas Gifts. Books, albums, chocolates and pianos – all you need for the piano lover in your life
  • Yuja Wang. The loneliness of the long-distance pianist and the cunning of Prokofiev: the superstar from Beijing talks to Peter Quantrill
  • How to Play Masterclass 1. Mark Tanner on learning to listen without playing, and building your own virtual piano
  • How to Play Masterclass 2. Hands-separate practice needn’t be a routine drudge, says Graham Fitch
  • How to Play 1. Opulent arpeggios make this Reicha study a happy alternative to Bach’s Prelude in C, says Melanie Spanswick
  • How to Play 2. Festive focus: Nils Franke finds that Rebikov’s Christmas Tree Waltz isn’t as hard as it looks (Scores page 38)
  • How to Play 3. Festive focus, continued: Lucy Parham on January from The Seasons, plus a winter’s journey through snowy waltzes by Johann Strauss and Yves Klein
  • The Scores. Chopin’s ‘Minute’ Waltz, as featured on the new Pianist video lesson, a Bach Minuet, a Haydn Allegro, a Brave Boy, and The Christmas Song by Torme & Wells
  • Beginner Keyboard Class. Lesson No 32 with Hans-Gunter Heumann: beginner arrangements of famous classical melodies by Mozart, Beethoven and Dvorak
  • Piano Teacher Help Desk. It’s much quicker to do theory at the piano than on paper, says Kathryn Page, but it’s also much more fun Alexis Ffrench on playing for weddings at the age of seven, his love of Bach and R&B, and the personal story behind his new album
  • Theory. Almost anything may happen in Bach’s fugues, says Nigel Scaife: and it generally does
  • The Rise of China Beyond Yuja: John Evans investigates the music scene in a nation where 60 million people learn the piano
  • Seasonal special Pull on your reindeer hat and embarrassing sweater for Warwick Thompson’s guide to the piano in winter (and spring, summer and autumn)
  • Piano moves From a Greenland iceberg to a Greek castle: how to shift a Steinway to the world’s most unlikely locations
  • CD Reviews Leif Ove Andsnes returns to Chopin, Ivan Ilic rediscovers Reicha and Daniil Trifonov takes on Rachmaninov
  • Sheet Music Down with the kids: music books of Mozart and his sister, Bartуk for children, Einaudi for students and teaching material for absolute beginners


Text Format PDF, 102 pages


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