Phil Capone – Guitar Chord Bible

Apr 02 2022

Phil Capone – Guitar Chord Bible

Phil Capone Guitar Chord Bible PDF. This compact dictionary of over 500 illustrated popular chords in their most common voicings features clear photographs and easy-to-follow diagrams and instructions.The spiral binding allows you to lay the book flat for easy reference while playing. Fingering diagrams for each chord are clearly indicated on a fretboard, and tips on technique are given together with relevant chord sequences.
Whether your musical style favors rock, pop, blues, soul, jazz, country, or classical, this handy take-anywhere volume puts the techniques for making great guitar music at your fingertips, and sets you on the road to becoming a true chordmaster!
The author’s introduction pretty much says all that I would emphasize… truly designed well and tied together with easy-to-understand logic. Whether you are just learning or think you know it all… this book can help you learn more. Simple, easy to follow layout and well explained format with fingering alternatives for every chord under the sun.
First off, to be sure, let us remember, this is an encyclopedia of Chords, not a “how to play guitar book”. The organization is very neat and tidy. They are in alphabetical order by the chord, and in that are broken down into chord-types (Major, Minor, Sus., etc.). For each chord they don’t give you just one option but multiple other types and variations. They also include a small paragraph describing the chords…and how some people have used some of the variants that they list, and some light & well explained music theory that is pertinent to the chord/variations. This is important because it shows you the reasons why you would have a need to use a different combination than “root”.
It also has very clear pictures of both a sketched diagram of the exact frets you’ll be hitting (and what notes they are) and a photograph of a hand actually forming the chord on the guitar neck. This gives you a good visual of what you will be doing. Also, at the end, they have what are called “single form” chords. Because in many genres of music, certain chord forms (as in hand forms) are commonly used. There are certain formations that are common in jazz, in Rock, etc. So they were kind enough to give you a basic introduction to many of these “genre chord forms”.
The biggest thing this book does, though, is reminds you that the chord is not the hand formation, but the combination of individual notes. There are an endless array of combinations for each chord…much more than any book can really cover. It kind of inspires you to think beyond “how do i form my hand” to “what notes do I need to hit”.

Format: PDF, 215 pages

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