Peter O’Mara – A Rhythmic Concept For Funk / Fusion Guitar

Mar 27 2017

Peter O’Mara – A Rhythmic Concept For Funk / Fusion Guitar

There are a lot of books on the market offering “licks” in the Funk/Fusion style but this book goes a lot further. The 16 challenging compositions by renowned Australian guitarist Peter O’Mara cover a variety of tempo and grooves and are presented using a real rhythm section: Patrick Scales, Christian Lettner and Peter O’Mara (Klaus Doldinger’s “Passport”) to achieve a maximum of authenticity.
Rhythm-guitar riffs are integrated into the overall groove and there is plenty of room for improvisation as well. The audio “play-a-long” tracks are presented in an order of increasing complexity. CD #1 contains complete recordings of all instruments so that you can hear how each track can sound. CD #2 omits all guitar parts so that you can “play-a-long” with the rhythm-section and create your own solo and rhythm parts. Midifiles of all compositions are also included on CD #2.


  • Funk Unity
  • African Heritage
  • Bad-Son
  • Livin’ in L.A.
  • Power Tower
  • Scoclone
  • Learn From Stern
  • Got The News?
  • Stufflin’ Hit
  • Da Fonk
  • Miles A Minute
  • Prototype
  • Hang Five
  • Spring Song
  • Dragonfly
  • Kangaroo

Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3). Language: English, German

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