Paul Baloche – Acoustic Guitar

Jan 06 2022

Paul Baloche – Acoustic Guitar

Paul Baloche Acoustic Guitar DVD download free. Since 1995, Paul Baloche’s instructional videos have empowered thousands of guitarists to play the more challenging music styles of today. This all new 2-1/2 hour DVD is jam-packed with up close and personal instruction on acoustic guitar essentials including:
the open chord concept, finger picking techniques, right and left hand damping, using your capo to play in all keys, walkdowns in all keys, alternate voicings for common chords, modern chord progressions, improving your timing and feel, progressive barre chord voicings, effective strumming patterns and techniques, and more.
Mastering the concepts and techniques demonstrated on this DVD will greatly increase your ability and confidence.
The Modern Worship Series-Acoustic-Guitar with Paul Baloche – Instructional DVD is a great new way to play modern worship songs with great ease! Thanks to Paul Baloche for puting this out there for all of us to learn!! Not only is Paul Baloche an outstanding worship leader, he is a pleasant and excellent guitar teacher.

Language: English
Year: 2005
Country: USA
Running time: 150 mins
Quality: DVD5
Video: MPEG2 720×480 5000 kb/s 29.97 fps
Audio: PCM 48 KHz stereo 1536 kb/s
Booklet: Yes (PDF)
Size: 4.7 Gb

Paul Baloche - Acoustic Guitar

Paul Baloche – Acoustic Guitar

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  1. vicdanny /

    It would be awesome if someone could upload this to a better server like MEGA, 1fichier or Uploaded. Novafile is totally crap.

  2. Gardy /

    Hi vockla. Thank you for the comment, I love this dvd too.

  3. vockla /

    This is an excellent DVD. I am checking it out and he explains things very carefully and what he plays sounds great as well, it makes you feel relaxed. However, be aware Paul Baloche is a worship leader, so throughout the DVD he sings ad lib about the Lord and stuff. This may bother some people, not my case but I thought it was necessary to mention it. Thanks for the upload!

  4. ohlove /

    thank u
    GOD bless you

  5. Mac /

    Thank you~
    I hope that i can play the guitar very well by this video!! z


    nice :punk: I like paul baloce and his lessons are very effective

  7. Dain /

    Thank you!!
    It’s very good!!

  8. Sinyoong /

    Thank you!!
    I love these!!

  9. ozzymbs /

    2.5 hrs and every minute is totally awesome…you guys are the best.. thanks so much.

  10. Bjorn /

    ozzymbs, I suppose it should be 2.5 hours. Could you check and let us know?

  11. Mortis666 /

    I love these accoustic tutorials. Thanks for this DvD

  12. ozzymbs /

    is IT 2.5 HOURS OR 36 MINUTES? With it being 4.7 GB its gotta be 2.5 hours huh? Sounds like a cool download,by the way.

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