Pat Metheny Guitar Etudes

Mar 18 2016

Pat Metheny Guitar Etudes

Pat Metheny Guitar Etudes – Warmup Exercises for Guitar. One of the most common questions Pat is asked by students is, “What kinds of things do you do to warm up before a concert?” Over the years, in many master classes and workshops around the world, Pat has demonstrated the kind of daily workout he puts himself through. This book includes a collection of 14 guitar etudes he created to help you limber up, improve picking technique and build finger independence.
All basic warm up exercises before a big concert or several hours of practice. Need to be patience because some are very difficult to achieve. It takes a lot of work play these fluidly but when you do the melodic content is simply beautiful. Pat Metheny’s Guitar Etudes is not only a great book for warmups, but also a wonderful look into what Pat does before playing!

Format: PDF, 126 pages

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