Pat Metheny Guitar Etudes

Feb 22 2022

Pat Metheny Guitar Etudes

Pat Metheny Guitar Etudes PDF. Warmup Exercises for Guitar. One of the most common questions Pat is asked by students is, “What kinds of things do you do to warm up before a concert?” Over the years, in many master classes and workshops around the world, Pat has demonstrated the kind of daily workout he puts himself through. This book includes a collection of 14 guitar etudes he created to help you limber up, improve picking technique and build finger independence.
All basic warm up exercises before a big concert or several hours of practice. Need to be patience because some are very difficult to achieve. It takes a lot of work play these fluidly but when you do the melodic content is simply beautiful. Pat Metheny’s Guitar Etudes is not only a great book for warmups, but also a wonderful look into what Pat does before playing!

Format: PDF, 126 pages

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  1. Scott Black /

    Pat doesn’t warm up before a show. He practises for 3 to 4 hrs before and who knows, maybe after too. I expect there are very few living people who have held a guitar in their hands for as many hrs as he has. Maybe Lenny Breau if he had lived. I don’t understand how his hands still work.

  2. remylebeau /

    thanks a lot

  3. bpa003 /


  4. viana /

    Thnk you very much

  5. CclLinDt /

    thank you

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