Pantera – Far Beyond Driven

Apr 26 2022

Pantera – Far Beyond Driven

Pantera Far Beyond Driven PDF. Selections from Far Beyond Driven: Authentic Guitar TAB (Off the Record Series). The guitar work is blisteringly fast while intricate at the same time and just when it gets to maximum overdrive, boom a melodic metal song or guitar line. These guys were a bit ahead of their time as far as actual heavy metal. They lead the way for the genre in a time when Metallica was getting a more soft and not a lot of metal music was “mainstream”. This album debuted on the Billboard chart at #1 and was by all accounts Pantera’s masterpiece. You have anthems like “I’m Broken” on here and then a laid back mellow cover of “Planet Caravan” as well. It’s good music and if you are an aspiring metal fan this would be a good breakthrough album.

Songs include:

  • Strength Beyond Strength
  • Becoming
  • 5 Minutes Alone
  • I’m Broken
  • Hard Lines, Sunken Cheeks
  • 25 Years
  • Shedding Skin
  • Throes of Rejection


Format: PDF, 72 pages


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