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Roberta Radley - Harmonic Ear Training

Roberta Radley - Harmonic Ear TrainingRoberta Radley is the assistant chair of the Ear Training Department at Berklee College of Music. She has been using innovative methods to help her students her music more analytically for almost thirty years. SHe also performs regularly as a pianist and vocalist.

Donna McElroy - The Ultimate Practice Guide for Vocalists

Donna McElroy - The Ultimate Practice Guide for VocalistsSing with more power and passion under the guidance of Donna McElroy, Berklee Professor, Grammy nominee, Dove Award winner, and vocalist on multiple gold and platinum records. In this Berklee Workshop, McElroy shows you how to use the whole body to become the best singer you can be.

David Barrett - Building Harmonica Technique Vol. 1-4

David Barrett - Building Harmonica Technique Vol. 1-4From the most prolific author of blues harmonica books and CD's comes the most comprehensive DVD series ever to be released for the blues harmonica player. Much of the material in this DVD series has never been covered in any book, CD, or video instructional.

Beginning Harmonica - Learn To Play The Blues

 Beginning Harmonica - Learn To Play The BluesCome flag a ride on the harmonica train... bending and wailing out notes into an endless horizon of musical enjoyment. You’ll start on the right track by learning all the basics, like care and maintenance, proper holding, music scales, and theory. Tablature is introduced to reveal note bending techniques, flashy licks and endings which you will apply while learning to play a variety of well known tunes.

Mickey Cochran - Introduction to the Mandolin

Mickey Cochran - Introduction to the MandolinThis DVD offers a unique approach to learning mandolin. The focus is on developing good habits from the start: proper positioning, proper picking hand, proper fretting hand, how to properly hold the mandolin all of which will make you a cleaner, faster and more efficient mandolinist.

Susan M. Carr - The Art of Screaming

Susan M. Carr - The Art of ScreamingThe key to being ready for the rigors of performing and touring is learning both where the “scream/growl” is actually made and the specific exercises that craft the technique of “The Art of Screaming!” These exercises that renowned singing teacher, Susan M. Carr, developed in 1978 and refined during the Grunge Music scene have produced outstanding singers in the rock music industry then and today.

Hard Rock Academy: Performance Vocals

Hard Rock Academy: Performance VocalsTake your performance to the next level with this Hard Rock Academy Performance Series DVD. This entertaining instructional DVD shows you how to enhance your vocal performance by introducing you to many of the techniques used by some of music's biggest stars.

Renee Grant-Williams - Vocal Master Class

Renee Grant-Williams - Vocal Master ClassPrivate lessons are expensive. Now you can get a jump on the information you need to sing your very best with this easy-to-use DVD - Vocal Master Class with Renee Grant-Williams at a fraction of the cost of private lessons! Your singing will come alive with reality-based techniques that will give you great tone and help you hit the high notes with ease.

Melissa Cross - The Zen of Screaming 2

Melissa Cross - The Zen of Screaming 2Finally, all the screamin' facts about screamin' and only screamin'! Got the basics down from "The Zen of Screaming" DVD? Now you are ready to get down with Spencer from Underoath, Trevor from Unearth, Geoff from Thursday, Phil from All That Remains, Mark from Chimaira, Bob from A Life Once Lost, Lou from Sick of It All, Byron from God Forbid, Angela from Arch Enemy (a GIRL, finally!) and MORE!!

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