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Robert R. Pinkman - Bagpipe Tuition Close-Up DVD & Virtual Tutor Book

Robert R. Pinkman - Bagpipe Tuition Close-Up DVD & Virtual Tutor BookEverything you need to know and everything you need to play properly is explained and demonstrated in these two dvd’s. All the fingering techniques and movements are shown to you in close up detail and played very slowly for easy understanding. The notation of how all these movements are written are explained in detail and I then play them for you to hear how they should sound.

Al Ek - Rock Harmonica

Al Ek - Rock HarmonicaWith Rock Harmonica, beginners can learn how to play harmonica from the ground up. More experienced players can take their playing to the next level with outside-the-box thinking and lessons on playing in different positions. The first half includes instruction on notes, scales, tongue blocking (That's what your mom said), vibrato, trills and more. The second features lessons on cool licks in the styles of 11 rock harmonica masters, including Bob Dylan, Neil Young, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Tom Petty and more! All lessons are presented both on the DVD and in the book.

Per Bristow - Sing With Freedom

Per Bristow - Sing With FreedomPer Bristow has been teaching people to sing for over 15 years, and he has an awesome passion for helping people increase their confidence while singing in front of a crowd.
Through our intense research and course evaluation, we found very few that teach techniques both for singing, and performance mentality. Per Bristow, a professional singer, knows the traditional vocal techniques are crucial, but he's very passionate about boosting your confidence as a singer too, which helps more than anything.

Vinnie Kilduff - Learn To Play The Tin Whistle

Vinnie Kilduff - Learn To Play The Tin WhistleFamous virtuoso Irish flute (tin whistle) Vinnie Kilduff gives lessons at the same time, perhaps the simplest to master, beautiful and cheap musical instrument. Just take in mind - the cost of a simple tin whistle - from $3, which availbale almost for all musicians and newbies. With all this flute is easy to learn, has a distinct sound, and requires NO special skills to play it.

L.E. McCullough - Learn to Play Irish Tinwhistle

L.E. Mccullough - Learn to Play Irish TinwhistlePerhaps the most readily identifiable sound of traditional Irish music is the sound of the Tin or Penny Whistle. Once mastered, this simple, inexpensive instrument can be played by a soloist or as an important element in a multi-instrument Irish music session.

Gaye Adegbalola - Learn to Sing the Blues

Gaye Adegbalola - Learn to Sing the BluesHere's a vocal workshop that will help bring your blues songs to life! W. C. Handy Award-winner Gaye Adegbalola has identified 17 key points to help a singer put his or her song across. As she puts it: "My mission is give you some ideas to help you relay a story... lay your soul bare... share an experience... say aloud what others feel deep inside."

Robert Greenberg - Understanding the Fundamentals of Music

Robert Greenberg - Understanding the Fundamentals of MusicWe all know that beneath the surface of music, beyond the joy or excitement or even heartache that this beautiful language of sound can stir within us, lies the often mysterious realm of music theory - a complex syntax of structural and instrumental resources that composers may draw on.

Joe Lovano - Jazz Improvisation: A Personal Approach

Joe Lovano - Jazz Improvisation: A Personal ApproachDevelop your own voice with the practice techniques that have helped make Joe Lovano one of the most respected improvisers of our time. In this Workshop, Lovano shows you how to play with the greater spontaneity and feeling. He'll teach you how to interpret the melodic, rhythmic, and harmonic essence of a tune.

Billy Boy Arnold - Chicago Blues Harmonica

Billy Boy Arnold - Chicago Blues HarmonicaBilly is an unparalleled source of historical information about the development of the harmonica in this century. After delivering an informative and entertaining introduction about the instrument he loves, Billy walks and talks you through the important aspects of the styles of both Sonny Boys and the two Walters.

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