Nelson Faria & Cliff Korman – Inside The Brazilian Rhythm Section

Jul 15 2019

Nelson Faria & Cliff Korman – Inside The Brazilian Rhythm Section

Nelson Faria Inside The Brazilian Rhythm Section PDF. This is the first book/CD package ever published that provides an opportunity for bassists, guitarists, pianists and drummers to interact and play-along with a master Brazilian rhythm section. Perfect for practicing both accompanying and soloing. The book provides over 100 pages of valuable information, including the charts for the CD tracks and sample parts for each instrument, transcribed from the recording. Players at all levels will find inspiration and guidance as they learn eight of the most common styles of Brazilian music – samba, bossa nova, partido-alto, choro, baiao, frevo, marcha-rancho and afoxe.
Endorsed by John Patitucci, Kenny Barron and others, this book covers the eight most important styles of Brazilian music and shows exactly what each instrument is supposed to play. The CDs give drummers, bassists, guitarists and piano players a chance to play-along and learn from a master Brazilian rhythm section, including Nelson, Cliff, Cafe, Paulo Braga and David Finck.

Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3). 103 pages

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  1. Binil John Eapen /

    Iam a drummer. Please send few Brazilian beats for my practice purpose. Thanking you,
    Binil John.

  2. jose pinto /

    Muchas gracias por el aporte….. saludos

  3. tt333 /

    Thanks a lot!!! :)

  4. sonelk85 /

    Esto es grandioso.! Gracias gracias. :punk:

  5. Robbin /

    Just a note, this looks like the 1st edition (2001), not the 2nd edition (2005).

  6. LUIS /

    Gracias por el aporte, lo andaba buscando

  7. genomas /

    ¡La Samba corre por mis baquetas!

    Muto gratsias.

  8. Stauz /

    Thanks So Much!

  9. Gush /

    Thanks adimin.
    Paulo Braga is a great drummer.

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