National Piping Centre – The Highland Bagpipe Tutor Book 2

Jan 21 2017

National Piping Centre – The Highland Bagpipe Tutor Book 2

Book 2: Transition To Bagpipes – a guide to the playing and maintenance of the Highland Bagpipe, published by Scotland’s National Piping Centre (Glasgow). Well illustrated throughout and following on from Book 1, this volume is designed to aid the transition from playing the chanter to the full bagpipes.
An excellent resource for the beginning piper, containing essential information for selecting and setting-up of a set of pipes. It can help students transitioning to the bagpipes to understand the parts of the pipe, how they fit together, how to maintain them and how to get and keep new pipes running properly.
The layout is very clear and easy to follow, and the crisp color photos are an excellent feature.
Getting Started: Bag type and size of bag; Hemping; Valves; Putting the pipes away; Blowing steadily; Controlled breathing; Arm pressure; Posture; Blowstick.
Reeds: Adjusting; Raising and lowering pitch; Tape on the chanter; Cane reeds; Synthetic reeds.
Bringing in the Drones: Striking in; Adjusting drone balance; Tuning; Tuning positions; Using a tuning meter.
Maintenance: Cleaning; oiling; watertraps.
Pipe Chanter reeds: Selection; Reed manipulation.

Format: PDF, 76 pages

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