Monster Guitar Method Volume 1 – Beginner, Novice

Aug 07 2015

Monster Guitar Method Volume 1 – Beginner, Novice

This comprehensive series gives you the knowledge of a seasoned professional while utilizing tools such as on-screen graphics, split screen viewing of right and left hand close ups with notation, color-coaxed strings, and ‘follow the bouncing ball’ style graphics. Go from zero to hero in no time! Volume 1 covers all the basics and then some. Major and minor scales, basic cords to power cords, how to read rhythmic notation and even strumming patterns. Learn how to find any note on the fretboard without the use of a chart. In no time, even beginners will be jamming 12 bar blues and playing licks.
The Green Monster Music series is equivalent to attending music school, while allowing students to learn at their own pace and on their own schedule.

Lessons include:

  • Basic Technique
  • Finding Notes on Fretboard
  • Major/Minor Scales
  • Minor Pentatonic & Blues Scales
  • Basic Chords + ‘Cool’ Chords
  • Rhythm Playing
  • Chord Changes
  • Chord Progressions
  • Minor Pentatonic & Blues Licks
  • And More!


Language: English
Year: 2005
Country: USA
Running time: 2h 14m
Quality: DVDRip
Video: H264 884.6kbps 640×480, 30.0fps
Audio: MP4A 163.8kbps 48.0kHz 16bit, 2 ch
Booklet: No
Size: 865 Mb

Monster Guitar Method Vol. 1 - Beginner/Novice

Monster Guitar Method Vol. 1 – Beginner/Novice

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  1. Iury Alonso /

    Show galera muito obrigado!

  2. Gustavo /

    Very Good!!
    I learned with facility the method

  3. Mark Schultz /

    thanks this is so awesome

  4. moises /

    helo is full guitarr they my

  5. dziargany /

    Thanks, is there any chance to upload parts 2,3 and 4, please

  6. homehomehome /

    thanks very great

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