Milton Raskin – Isometrics For Guitarists

Sep 15 2023

Milton Raskin – Isometrics For Guitarists

Milton Raskin Isometrics For Guitarists PDF download. Isometrics can be simply described as pitting the energy of the muscles of one limb, against the muscles of the opposite limb.
Gymnastic exercises have been employed by pianists for many years, and the author was dismayed by the fact that they seemed to be unknown to players of other instruments.
Although a prescribed number of times is given for the exercises in each lesson, lessen these, if any extreme fatigue is experienced in practice. It would be more beneficial for the professional guitarist to avoid the practice of these exercises on a day in which there is to be a performance of any kind. This lessens the danger of over-fatigue to the playing apparatus. Instead, practice them the previous night before retiring.


Format: PDF, 26 pages


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    Great find.Thanks !!

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    thanks. I had left hand surgery last month, and a friend recommended this book for rehab.

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