Mike Michalkow – Drumming System 2.0, DVD 7-9

Aug 12 2020

Mike Michalkow – Drumming System 2.0, DVD 7-9

Mike Michalkow Drumming System 2.0, DVD 7 8 9. There is always more that we can learn on the drums, but it’s often difficult to choose the next step to take. This comprehensive training pack includes easy step-by-step lessons so you can improve at your own pace. The whole pack includes: 20 step-by-step training DVDs, 21 play-along CDs, and 5 spiral-bound workbooks. Covers classic rock, hard rock, heavy metal, grunge rock, progressive rock, punk rock, blues, country, odd time, shuffles, funk, Latin, jazz, and more.
Four-way split screen video ensures you see everything. On-screen sheet music with a blue bar marking progress. Drum-less play-along songs with and without a metronome. Companion workbooks that make it easy to follow along.

Heavy Rock Lessons – DVD 07. Are you interested in playing heavy rock music? This DVD includes beginner to advanced grooves from sub-genres including: punk rock, heavy metal, speed metal, hard rock, grunge rock, and progressive rock.
Every single pattern covered in this instructional DVD is also included in the provided workbooks, and genre-specific play-alongs are provided on the included audio CDs. It’s the ideal learning experience for beginner, intermediate, and advanced drummers alike.
Mixed Rock Lessons – DVD 08. Interested in some other styles of Rock music? The mixed rock lessons DVD includes sub-genres like: folk rock, classic rock, country, and odd-time. As with the heavy rock DVD, these lessons are all step-by-step for beginner to advanced students.
All of the grooves on this DVD are also included in the workbooks, and have companion play-along songs on the provided audio CDs. You can work through the lessons from start to finish, or jump around and pick individual drum beats that sound great to you.
Groove Rock Lessons – DVD 09. Want to learn to play the drums with more groove? This DVD covers some of the more groovy styles of rock including: blues, funk, reggae, and shuffle beats. Though these lessons are more ideal for intermediate and advanced drummers, they do start with patterns that are easy enough for beginners to learn and master.
As with all the beat training DVDs, the patterns covered here are also featured in the workbooks and have companion play-along songs on the CDs. Start by learning the beats, and then apply them to real music!
This pack includes only 3 DVDs. 21 CDs, 5 workbooks included to the DVD 1-3 pack


Language: English
Year: 2013
Country: Canada
Quality: HDRip
Video: H.264 1280×720 16:9 1000 kbps 29.97 fps
Audio: AAC 203 kbps 44.1 kHz 2 ch
Booklet: No
Size: 3.19 Gb

Mike Michalkow - Drumming System 2.0, DVD 7-9

Mike Michalkow – Drumming System 2.0, DVD 7-9

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