Mike Christiansen – Rock Rhythms For Guitar

Feb 27 2022

Mike Christiansen – Rock Rhythms For Guitar

Mike Christiansen Rock Rhythms For Guitar PDF. The rhythm guitarist is a vital part of any group. This member of the band can be the “glue” that keeps the band together. The rhythm guitarist, whether strumming, playing power chords, or picking arpeggios, can make a soloist look good or bad. As well as providing the accompaniment for a vocalist or soloist, in today’s music the rhythm part is often spotlighted and actually becomes the solo instrument.
This book presents various ways in which to play rhythm guitar. You will learn strum patterns, power chords, comping, and arpeggio techniques. The material in this book can be applied to playing songs which have been recorded by many different artists. The techniques you’ll learn from this book will also help you in writing your own music. At the root of rock guitar in the blues. This book also shows how to play the basic blues progression and its variations.


  • Strum patterns
  • First-Position Power Chords
  • Moveable Power Chords
  • Combining Power Chords and Bass Notes
  • Combining Power Chords and Scales
  • Barre Chords
  • The Blues
  • Rock Comping
  • Arpeggio-Style Accompaniment
  • Doubling The Bass Line
  • Single-String Rhythms
  • Four-string Chords and Inversions


Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3). 58 pages

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  1. jonoo500 /

    Great practice book!

  2. momsua /

    I personally always good to learn all kinds of technical knowledge to better expand your instrument, excellent very good idea thanks faststrings. :-)

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