Mastering Piano Technique by Seymour Fink

Sep 06 2020

Mastering Piano Technique by Seymour Fink

Mastering Piano Technique by Seymour Fink download. Finally available in DVD format, Seymour Fink’s renowned Mastering Piano Technique sets pianists of every skill level free to express their most musical ideas with a holistic approach to the keyboard based on a sound understanding of the relationship between physical function and movement and musical purpose.
In this invaluable resource for pianists and teachers, Professor Fink explains his groundbreaking ideas and demonstrates his innovative developmental exercises. 86 minutes. Professor Seymour Fink, retired senior piano professor in the Department of Music, University of New York at Binghamton, has made a lifetime study of piano technique and its pedagogy. An active solo and chamber pianist, Professor Fink gives numerous master classes and lecture demonstrations on piano teaching and technical development. He brings to this study a wealth of European and American educational experience, worldwide travel and observation of the pianistic scene, and more than 35 years of piano teaching experience.
This work of Mr. Fink is absolutely magnificent. For the aspiring concert pianist, for the serious student, or for piano lovers who would simply like to improve their fluidity and definition at the keyboard. The ten physical exercises done away from the piano are so complimentary and helpful. Mr. Fink seems to be a physiologist and anatomist of the human body, as well as a piano master, and this combination makes his perspective superior. Mr. Fink takes the mystery out of fine piano technique and brings exact motoral and muscular distribution matters to light in plain view, solving scores of execution difficulties pianists incur. Highly detailed!
It is a very interesting DVD based on the book of same author. He is to the point and gives good advices for professionals or amateurs pianists that are in search of a better performance on piano. The subjects are well divided in the chapters and you do not need to see everything at once, on the contrary, by watching step by step you will enjoy more this DVD and have a better understanding of what he is explaining. Full of practical advices performed by the author.
This volume is extremely helpful to those of us who take the piano seriously and are intent on mastery.


Language: English
Year: 1994
Country: USA
Running time: 01:25:31
Quality: DVDRip
Video: XviD 512×368 29.97 fps 1004.8 kbps
Audio: 48 KHz 2 ch 128 kbit/sec
Booklet: Yes (PDF)
Size: 791 Mb

Mastering Piano Technique by Seymour Fink

Mastering Piano Technique by Seymour Fink

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  1. Jpujadae /

    Couldn’t find this anywhere else. Thanks!

  2. ernsterlanson /

    Ok sorry for my not understanding, I see now that the video called part 1 is actually the complete video. Thanks for the help anyway!

  3. ernsterlanson /

    “I recently downloaded 2 parts of the video. Then right click on the 1st part and “Extract Here”.”

    Just to clarify, the 1st part works for me. It is the 2nd part that does not work. When I try to extract the 2nd part I only get the booklet but the video file is corrupt. But maybe it all works for you?

    “That’s all. Got the folder “Mastering Piano Technique by Seymour Fink” that contains 2 files (video and book). Haven’t got any errors, warnings etc. I’m using WinRAR.”

    Maybe I should try winRAR, but just to clarify, do you all in all get 4 files? Part 1 of the video, part 2 of the video and two booklets?

  4. Gardy /

    I recently downloaded 2 parts of the video. Then right click on the 1st part and “Extract Here”. That’s all. Got the folder “Mastering Piano Technique by Seymour Fink” that contains 2 files (video and book). Haven’t got any errors, warnings etc. I’m using WinRAR.

  5. ernsterlanson /

    No, I am trying to extract the whole thing. I have used two different programs, not winrar though. I am using a PC. The booklet works, but not the file. I am also very grateful to have found this here:) Been searching a lot!

  6. Gardy /

    Are you trying to extract parts separately?

  7. ernsterlanson /

    I am sorry the problem persists, the second video file seems to not work. When I try to extract it, it says File corrupt. and then the video does not work when I try to play it

  8. Gardy /

    Everything is working fine. Redownload the 2nd part.

  9. ernsterlanson /

    The 2nd part does not work for me, the file seems to be corrupt. Anyone else seem to have this problem?

  10. Mthandazo /

    I have travelled back and forth and up and down the Internet Google YouTube you name it ….have no doubt in ma mind this it complement what am currently working on in my quest for piano mastery…
    Thank so very much in advance…will bounce back with results. ..

  11. austino /

    How do I download this thing?

  12. karlosvsqz /

    I am happy…

  13. keibafan /

    Excellent! Thank you admins. for bringing another fine video to us! :yourock:

  14. susan /

    Love to read this book!


  15. walkingoutthislife /

    Thank you so much. I have tried to find it for a long time. I’m a beginner and this book is really a special gift for me

  16. PAT /

    looking forward to the view

  17. Skyhigh /

    Just wanted to say thank you, to whom ever placed this video. As a newbie piano student (less than one year), I found it very interesting and helpful to understand the biometrics and the biomechanics of “correct” playing. After adjusting my physical approach as suggested, I am amazed at how much easy it is to play now and how much less pain that those long stretch continuous exercises have given me. I would recommend this video and its approach for anyone really interested in playing piano.

  18. jeffkeybordz /

    thank you, looks interesting..

  19. xinxinchen /

    Thank you for the piano videos

  20. Skyhigh /

    I downloaded this video to improve my scales and chordal techniques, thinking that what it was all about. Boy did I get a shock, it was nothing like I expected!!! I viewed the video and did just one hour of the exercises, and was blown away by the difference in my playing style and ease. This is a must if you are a piano player. Work on the exercises and feel and hear the difference in your playing..

    Thank you for the download…

  21. menyinblack /

    thank you!!! so much!!! :rockin:

  22. kaossenlee /

    thanks alot, whoever ste this is, you are helping me out, i always wanted to learn piano, and now i can thanks to you,

  23. Distortedfusion /

    Thank you, very helpfull!!!

  24. agape9 /

    Thank you, this looks quite interesting

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