Master Anthology of Fingerstyle Guitar Solos, Vol. 2

Feb 23 2015

Master Anthology of Fingerstyle Guitar Solos, Vol. 2

This collection of twelve challenging fingerstyle guitar solos in notation and tablature presents works by both relative newcomers and seasoned world-class performers. This eclectic group of compositions should appeal to players and listeners alike, be it country, blues, ragtime, jazz, Celtic, or gorgeous ballads that suit your fancy. It will require serious practice for most guitarists to master these tunes, but the rewards should be commensurate whether you play strictly for your own enjoyment or make your living in whole or in part as a guitarist.
Previously we published Master Anthology of Fingerstyle Guitar Solos Vol 1, have you reviewed it? If you finished with Volume 2, go to download Master Anthology Of Fingerstyle Guitar Solos Vol 3

Featured artists include:

  • Andrea Benzoni
  • Tommy Emmanuel
  • Jody Fisher
  • Michael Fix
  • Jim Goodin
  • Lars Johansson
  • Michael O’Dorn
  • Larry Pattis
  • Bill Piburn
  • Preston Reed
  • Colin Reid
  • Rick Ruskin

Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3). 80 pages

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