Marty Friedman – Exotic Metal Guitar

Sep 18 2022

Marty Friedman – Exotic Metal Guitar

Marty Friedman Exotic Metal Guitar. Exotic Metal Guitar will help any metal guitarist add spice and speed to their playing, as Friedman covers unusual scales (Japanese-sounding scales, half-step bend scales, and more,) odd time signatures, picking exercises, and even playing out of time. Learn from this unique guitarist, filmed at the height of his career!
Marty Friedman is one of the all time great unknown guitar players. He got most of his recognition playing with Megadeth but a lot of people don’t know about his 2 albums with cacophony (the best shred metal band) or his solo work. In this video he offers a lot of very interesting advice about playing outside of the box. Namely using Japanese scales, playing in a 5/8 time signature, and playing over chord changes rather than doing pentatonic licks. Great tips from a great guitar player, also check out the DVD for Jason Becker (the other guitar player from Cacophony).


Language: English
Year: 1989
Running time: 00:51:15
Quality: VHSRip
Video: 352×240 (107:80) 29.97fps 1150Kbps
Audio: 44100Hz stereo 224Kbps
Booklet: Yes (PDF)
Size: 511 Mb

Marty Friedman - Exotic Metal Guitar

Marty Friedman – Exotic Metal Guitar


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