Manfred Schmitz – Basic Ragtime for Piano

May 05 2023

Manfred Schmitz – Basic Ragtime for Piano

Manfred Schmitz Bausteine Ragtime Fur Klavier PDF. The book in German and English. The Basic Series aims to give both young pianists and adults interested in the style practical advice on the basic techniques needed for composition and improvisation within the given srtle.
In the Beginner’s corner typical phrases are presented and developed in a study piece, the Beginner’s Rag.
The Compositions include a wealth of additional phrases and fragments whose musical combination and interaction, along with other details, help to make playing Ragtime a real joy, whilst allowing the performer freely to develop his or her own creativity.

Compositions include:

  • Workshop Rag
  • Rag for Little Susan
  • Syncopated Rag
  • Cinema Rag
  • Picnic Rag
  • Mickey Mouse Rag
  • Party Rag
  • Rag for Scott
  • Weekend Rag
  • Memory Rag
  • Old Cadillac Rag
  • Happy Rag
  • Rag for Johnny
  • Springtime Rag
  • Saloon Rag
  • Final Rag


Format: PDF, 78 pages


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