Liona Boyd – Miniatures for Guitar

Apr 02 2018

Liona Boyd – Miniatures for Guitar

Liona Boyd Miniatures for Guitar PDF. This matching folio to her bestselling album features compositions by Sor, Visee, Logy, Carcassi, Galileo, Milan, Tarrega and others. There are 21 charming shorter compositions in all, arranged and fingered by Liona Boyd. Titles include Adelita, Gavotte, Kemp’s Jig and more. With standard guitar notation, fingerings, introductory text and black & white photos. Classical and Contemporary Instrumental. Guitar songbook and examples CD.
Many of these ‘classic guitar’ tunes are helpful to learner and intermediate level players, and much of Liona’s artistic playing can be adapted by the student player. This album provides relaxing, beautifully played music that can be enjoyed over and over, both by musicians and non-musicians.
A nice collection of pieces. Great when looking for short, attractive songs to perform without having to spend months perfecting. The arrangements are well done and interesting, and do not require master technique to play.

Songs include:

  • Spanish Romance – Anonymous
  • Greensleeves – Anonymous
  • Kemp’s Jig – Anonymous
  • Prelude and Gigue – Robert De Visee
  • Andante – Fernando Sor
  • Estudio #2 – Fernando Sor
  • Estudio #17 – Dionisio Aguado
  • Estudio #7 – Dionisio Aguado
  • El Noy de La Mare – Anonymous
  • Gavotte – Conte Ludovico Roncalli
  • Pavana – Luis Milan
  • Andantino – Mateo Carcassi
  • Saltarello – Vincentio Galileo
  • Adelita – Francisco Tarrega
  • Cajita de Musica – Francisco Tarrega
  • Lagrima – Francisco Tarrega
  • Lento – Francisco Tarrega
  • Estudio in E – Francisco Tarrega
  • Little Suite – Comte Anton De Logy


Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3). 56 pages

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