Learn Funk Guitar with Tower Of Power’s Jeff Tamelier

Aug 05 2016

Learn Funk Guitar with Tower Of Power’s Jeff Tamelier

Features an interview with Jeff, including his funk guitar performance techniques, with musical examples. Not only will you learn classic funk guitar techniques, but you can also sit in with members of Tower Of Power, playing four fan favourites and for new grooves created just for you. Level: From Beginner to Advanced.
For bassists we recommend another book: Sittin’ In With Rocco Prestia of Tower of Power.
It’s a deceptively tricky and intricate playing style, and this book by TOP’s own Jeff Tamelier is a great resource for understanding and gaining tips on what he (and other TOP players) did with the music, and how they tackle it. The tabs and songs are only part of why this book is helpful. If you are an actual PLAYER, and understand how actual musicians converse and are looking for any insight into funk guitar and Tower Of Power, this is an excellent book.

Songs include:

  • Credit
  • Don’t Knock It
  • Down To The Nightclub
  • F-funk
  • Free Fallin’ Funk
  • Hip-e-jam
  • There’s Only So Much Oil In The Ground
  • What Is Hip?

Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3).

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  1. misaelprs /

    ADORO ESTA PAGINA :rockin:

  2. buitragoguitar /

    es un excelente libro me ayudo demasiado en la enseñanza del funk

  3. Henry Mancheno /

    excelente libro

  4. chula /

    excellent. Thank you very much FastStrings.

  5. Keith /

    Excellent Resource

  6. betosanum /

    Gracias!!! x tu tiempo y aporte…Gracias!!!

  7. Rafael Lopes /

    Amazing SongBooks!

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