Larry McCabe – Famous Blues Bass Lines

Oct 10 2022

Larry McCabe – Famous Blues Bass Lines

Larry McCabe Famous Blues Bass Lines PDF. Blues music is a sturdy, adaptable music that reflects many shades of emotions and lends itself to numerous stylistic interpretations. This 5 1/2″ by 8″ QWIKGUIDE is designed to help the bassist become more versatile. Each blues bass pattern in this book is played over four bars of C7.
By practicing all 50 licks over the same chord progression, students can learn the basic concept of improvisation: how to play a variety of musical phrases over the same chord or chord changes. Each example is written in both notation and tablature exactly as it is recorded. The accompanying CD, featuring Larry McCabe’s Heat-Seeking Missile Blues Band is recorded in stereo with drums and rhythm guitar in the center, bass guitar on the left, and lead guitar on the right. The licks are recorded at a moderate tempo for ease of learning. The rhythm guitar parts heard on the CD are taught in 101 Bad to the Bone Blues Guitar Rhythm Patterns. The lead guitar parts are taught in Mel Bay’s Famous Blues Guitar Lines.

  1. The font/notation size is large enough to be readable. It is larger for instance, than the font in most music books. I like that because it makes it easier to read, and because it leaves room for hand written notes. Nothing is worse when trying to learn a new part than trying to see the page and struggling! Thanks for making it larger.
  2. It has 50 exercises/tracks. They are all 4 bars long, and they are all in the same key C and to be played over C7 chord. Some can also be played over a Cm. They can be transposed to any other key(and should be in practice sessions in order to be ready to play in any key).
  3. The quality of the backing tracks is acceptable.
  4. It does lay flat on a music stand.
  5. The recorded tempo is fairly slow…that’s good for learning. And, I suspect most players have a speed trainer they import these into to vary the tempo.

Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3).

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