Larry McCabe – 101 Blues Guitar Turnaround Licks

Jun 08 2016

Larry McCabe – 101 Blues Guitar Turnaround Licks

This book contains a collection of 101 blues turnaround licks for the guitar. Primarily for the electric guitar, the music can also be played on an acoustic guitar that has an unwound G string. Each lick is presented in both notation and tablature, with most of the examples written in C for the sake of uniformity and ease of comparison.
Because the licks are not graded, the student may learn the examples in any order. The licks in this book may be played in literally thousands of existing tunes; this accessibility allows ambitious students to play along with records right from beginning.


  • Typical Blues Progressions
  • The Turnaround
  • Chords of Blues Turnarounds
  • The Roman Numeral Chord System
  • The 12/8 Blues Shuffle
  • Creative Projects for the music student
  • Guide to Symbols and Notation
  • 91 Closed-Position Turnaround Licks
  • 10 Open-String Blues Turnaround Licks
  • Additional Blues Progressions

Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3).

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