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Kevin Tuke - Drum Tutorials

Kevin Tuke - Drum TutorialsReading is always a problem for drummers of all ages, however it is not a problem if the basic issues are addressed right from the beginning. This set of 20 "Reading Practice" sheets is designed to help students learn the basics of reading music, with very little to confuse them, so they can concetrate on reading and counting the note types accurately.

In this package have also supplied the snare drum solos and reading expansion sheets which deal with dynamics, accents and other time signatures.


  • Reading Practice
  • Snare Drum Solos
  • Straight 8th Rock Pattern sheets
  • Shuffle/triplet based pattern sheets
  • Swing Independence Exercizes
  • Latin Rhythms

Format: PDF, 65 pages

Just download Kevin Tuke - Drum Tutorials for free and leave comment for mates.

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