Kenny Sultan – Acoustic Blues Guitar

May 12 2023

Kenny Sultan – Acoustic Blues Guitar

Kenny Sultan Acoustic Blues Guitar PDF. This book for intermediate-level guitarists is a follow-up to Kenny’s Introduction to Acoustic Blues . It covers blues in five different keys and positions, and incorporates slide or bottleneck playing in both open and standard tunings. All songs are primarily fingerstyle with a monotone bass used for most. The accompanying 70-minute CD features performances of every example and song, played slowly then up to speed to facilitate learning.
The first things you learn are all very simple, but each successive tune cleverly builds on what you’ve learned so far, and adds just a little bit more. Kenny plays each piece slowly and then quickly. We recommend to watch the lesson by Kenny Sultan Guitar Blues

Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3). 48 pages

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  1. frankhdz /

    Thank you so much !!

  2. Gardy /

    You may download mp3 tracks from this site.

  3. B.J. /

    Wanting to get the Kindle but might not have the audio tracks. are they available separately?

  4. Sergio /

    Me Gusta La Musica

  5. bobanst /

    Very usefull book

  6. sam /

    sweet…have the book but lost the audio lol

  7. kickn bull /

    Nice! I’ll check it out. Great material guys. Thank you so much

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