Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy – How To Sing Better Than Anyone Else 2.0

Jan 11 2023

Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy – How To Sing Better Than Anyone Else 2.0

Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy How To Sing Better Than Anyone Else 2.0 download. The flagship of Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy, the world famous How To Sing Better Than Anyone Else vocal course. If you’ve NEVER taken singing lessons before, and… you’re unsure of where to start, you’re uneasy about the idea of starting
you’re worried that you won’t be able to learn get the course. Or if you HAVE taken singing lessons before, but… you’re disappointed with progress so far,  you’re frustrated because you’ve hit a ceiling, you’re ready to take your singing to the next level get this course.
It is worth the money. It is the most comprehensive course, especially when coupled with the Forum that is full of invaluable information. If you are willing to put in the time to understand the concepts, and then practice them, it will definitely help you.

The course contents:

Volume 1

  • Singing Terms & Definitions
  • Posture
  • Breathing Techniques
  • Lip & Tongue Exercises
  • Vowel Modifications
  • Vowel Exercises
  • Vocal Tract Shaping
  • Addressing Stage Fright
  • Understanding Pitch
  • Improving Pitch
  • Beginner Student
  • Demonstrations


Volume 2

  • Release Valves
  • Growing Your Passagio
  • Vibrato
  • Consonants & Glottal Stops
  • Psychology of Singing


Volume 3

  • Vowel Triads
  • Major Scales
  • Inverted Scales
  • Overcoming Hoarseness
  • Stamina Workouts
  • Distortion & Grit
  • Finding Your Own Voice
  • Vocal Health & Wellness


Volume 4

  • Headvoice Introduction
  • Descending Vowel EE
  • Descending Vowel AY
  • Descending Vowel AH
  • Descending Vowel OOH
  • Descending Agility Vowel E
  • Descending Agility Vowel AYE
  • Descending Agility Vowel AH
  • Descending Agility Vowel OOH
  • Ascending Agility Vowels OOH-OH-AH-AYE-EE
  • Ascending Agility Vowels AYE-EE-AH-OH-OO
  • Inverted Scale AYE – A
  • 2-Octave Scales AYE – A
  • 3-Octave Scaels AYE-A
  • Song Applications
  • Closing Comments


Volume 5

  • Mixed Voice Student Training Session Dudes
  • Mixed Voice Student Training Session Girls
  • Training Session Intro
  • Slider Exercise
  • Hanging Notes Exercise
  • Inverted Scale Exercise
  • Descending Scale Exercise
  • Song Applications
  • Vocal Tones And Textures
  • Mixed Voice Student Song Application
  • Blending Mixed Voice & Blending For Choral – I See You
  • Mixed Voice – Sing Like Bobby Kimball
  • Mixed Voice Application – Micky Thoma


Pro Packs

  • Singing Pop
  • Singing Classic Rock
  • Singing Rock
  • Singing Metal
  • Singing Harmony
  • How to Write Songs
  • How to Write Lyrics
  • Recording Your Vocals
  • Student coaching recordings (Rock)
  • Student coaching recordings (Pop)
  • Rock Singing Demonstrations
  • Arranging Background Vocals
  • Singing & Playing at the Same
  • Time
  • Vocal Licks & Tricks
  • Guitar Chords
  • Guitar Licks & Tricks


Language: English
Year: 2018
Quality: WEBRip
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Audio: MPEG-4 AAC, 96 kbps, 44.1 kHz, 2ch
Size: 29.93 Gb

Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy - How To Sing Better Than Anyone Else 2.0

Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy – How To Sing Better Than Anyone Else 2.0


Download Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy – How To Sing Better Than Anyone Else 2.0 free and other lessons from our site


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    please help with Ken Tamplin vocal academy 3.0 also

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    Thanks a lot

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    What would be awesome is if someone could get a user name and pw for the forums so we could look at the q&a in there. But I guess that may risk the account if someone decides to post as someone else. Oh well this is still awesome

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    Any chance of getting this as a torrent or other host site?

  8. Gardy /

    Yes, in english

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    is this in english?

  10. lipid21112 /

    Hey could you please provide volume 5 separately, as i already have rest of the course except for volume 5 (Mixed voice) , or can anyone just say out of these 30 parts which part contains volume 5? As it will take forever to download these 30 parts from novafile server, Thank you so much for the help.

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    hi, is this russian version or all english??

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    Regardless, i appreciate the post

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    It’s a new version of course. Better download all volumes here again.

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    how can tell which volume is which?? cause I had the previous versions before this 2.0

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    No, only nova.

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    Is there any other platform available for download other than novafile?

  19. Gardy /

    No. This is a new updated version.

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    Que valioso aporte!! muchas gracias, este seria el volumen 4 y 5?

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