Ken Tamplin – How To Sing Better Than Anyone Else Volume 3

Aug 16 2022

Ken Tamplin – How To Sing Better Than Anyone Else Volume 3

How To Sing Better Than Anyone Else Volume 3 for BOTH Dudes & Divas. This is the MOTHER LOAD of Vocal Resource. This BRAND NEW SERIES is where the rubber meets the road, separates the men (and women) for the boys (and girls). Volume 3 doesn’t just pick up where Volume 2 leaves off.  Volume 3 really starts to rock the voice by seriously pushing the envelopes and combining all of what you have learned in Volumes 1 and 2 but with the most advanced vocal techniques in the world for developing killer range, power, stamina, pitch, control and consistency.


  • Advanced Vowel Modification Techniques
  • Advanced Consonant Techniques
  • Glottal Compression
  • Advanced Breathing And Air Conservation Techniques
  • Advanced Mask Techniques
  • Advanced Open Throat Techniques
  • Advanced Pillar Techniques
  • Advanced Chest / Head Voice Connection Techniques
  • Advanced Vibrato
  • Advanced Practical Singing Applications
  • Advanced Stamina Building
  • Advanced Relaxation And Stress Reduction
  • Advanced Scales And Exercises
  • Advanced Pitch Control
  • Advanced Wailing Belting Techniques
  • Advanced Techniques For Singing With Colds And Flu While Maintaining Vocal Strength And Stamina
  • Advanced Techniques Pacing The Voice For Live Performance As Well As Studio Recording
  • Advanced Training On Effective Resonance And Timbre
  • Advance High Range Singing Techniques

Please Note: This specific workout is VERY advanced and is not recommended unless you have done and understand the method

Stage 3 also comes with a CRAZY BONUS MATERIAL for those wanting to sing professionally for a living.


The Original “KTVA “Stage 3” (what made our system so popular)
This video sections breaks down some of the greatest songs ever written and what “formula” and methods the greatest songwriters us TO WRITE THAT HIT! Ken shows on guitar, chord by chord how to write a song and what it really takes to write a great song. He supplies you with many different progressions you can integrate into your own song writing separating you from all the rest.
Ken has put together a VERY EASY TO UNDERSTAND guitar instructional video method on how to learn to play guitar with simple, easy to follow explanations, and up close video on all the major and minor guitar chords as well as 7ths and major 7th and how they relate to each other. An excellent tool for songwriting as well.
The Indy Bible is an extraordinary resource. Inside it provides virtually every major and independent radio station on the planet LOOKING TO PLAY YOUR MUSIC NOW!
As well as music magazines & e-magazines worldwide who WILL REVIEW YOUR MUSIC!!!
An excellent tool in the music arsenal.

Important Information: this is a Russian version of lessons. The booklet you may translate using Google Translator. The video has russian translation, but that’s not a problem. Download Daum PotPlayer  from the official site (free software) and install. Then apply filter “Remove Voice”.  Audio -> Processing Filters -> Remove Voice or just press Shift + V.


Language: English
Year: 2013
Country: USA
Running time: 1 hour
Quality: DVDRip
Video: AVC, 640×462, 16:9, 400 kbps, 24.0 fps
Audio: AAC, 112 kbps, 48.0 kHz, 2 ch
Booklet: Yes
Size: 757 Mb

Ken Tamplin - How To Sing Better Than Anyone Else Vol. 3

Ken Tamplin – How To Sing Better Than Anyone Else Vol. 3

Download Ken Tamplin – How To Sing Better Than Anyone Else Volume 3 free and other lessons from our site


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  1. uksunlight /

    What a crap. After a very difficult captcha (very blurred images) finally I got to the 90sec waiting. After that clicked in create download link at it says WRONG CAPTCHA. Tried this twice, what a bullshit.

  2. savesthejohnny /

    Russian translation :/
    But thanks anyways man!

  3. adnanhowlader /

    yo where is volume 4 and 5

  4. jz2002 /

    Thanks a lot. nice download. been looking for this one.

  5. vestal /

    Ok, I was expecting some DVD clips, but apart from the Russian clips which can be translated, It contains a lot of exercises on mp3 to follow along for men and also women! Cool! Thanks a lot

  6. Alessia /

    I have a few parts that won’t – only the vowels video does :(
    anyone else having this problem?

  7. corni /

    Login function is working well for me. No problems at all. Have you contacted support?

  8. Nelson Jester /

    I can’t download it. The site says that I’m not logged in, then I log in but the error repeates time and time again. Please check that!

  9. vincent123 /

    Thanks for the upload,this version is with greek overdubs,
    is it posible with out overdubs ? just plain in english.

  10. MatheusLellis /

    Do anyone got HTSBTAEV4 and the subsequent volumes?
    Thanks again!

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