Juan Serrano – Flamenco Guitar Solos

Jul 07 2020

Juan Serrano – Flamenco Guitar Solos

Juan Serrano Flamenco Guitar Solos PDF. This is a superb collection of 8 original flamenco concert guitar solos and two exciting guitar quartets. The selections feature Juan Serrano’s usual technical brilliance and capture the vitality, fire and haunting Moorish moods characteristic of flamenco music. All solos are in notation and tablature.

Selections include:

  • Capricho De Huelva (Fandangos)
  • Flamenco Dance (Sevillanas For Four Guitars)
  • Ensueno (Petenera For Four Guitars)
  • Mantillas De Feria
  • Blazing Guitar (Rumba)
  • Alma (Bulerias In A Minor)
  • Ana Maria (Tientos)
  • Andalucian Dance (Tanguillo)
  • Canto Minero (Taranto)
  • Memory Of Love (Bolero)

Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3). 132 pages

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