Juan Martin – Solos Flamencos Volume 1

Jul 12 2016

Juan Martin – Solos Flamencos Volume 1

Solos Flamencos Volumes 1 and 2 – comprehensive multimedia teaching sets.These Book, CD and DVD sets present 63 solos, progressively graded from absolute beginners to more advanced, to suit players of all levels. Volume 1 contains examples of eighteen different palos (rhythmic forms) of flamenco, with a wealth of melodic falsetas and rhythms. The music for all these is accurately written in notation and flamenco tab (cifra) in the book, and is also recorded on the companion CD.
The DVD contains over 57 minutes of solo music, and also includes introduction by Juan Martin and brief scenes of Andalucia today, which help to place this profoundly exciting and deeply felt music in the landscape of its origins.Juan Martin has succeeded here is showing how even music which is simple and very easy to start with can express the essential sound and emotion of flamenco, to build step by step the skills necessary for the performance of concert solos. Written in English and Spanish.

Language: English    
Year: 2002
Country: Spain
Running time: 01:34:33
Quality: DVD5
Video: MPEG2 NTSC 4:3 (720X480) VBR, at 29.970 fps
Audio: Dolby AC3, 2 ch
Booklet: Yes (PDF) + Audio CD (Mp3)
Size: 3.7 Gb

Juan Martin - Solos Flamencos Vol. 1

Juan Martin – Solos Flamencos Vol. 1

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  1. ansel /

    thank you admin very nice share.

  2. santosh /

    please get us vol.2 soon :( if possible.

  3. araujo /


    Pleeease, give us the volume 2!!!


  4. sibuble /

    im appreciate dear admin,this is the best source ive find on the web for flamenco lovers !
    Thank you.

  5. somar /

    reaaaaaaaaly awsome i love this site

  6. TigerTrader /

    Good but the sound quality is awful!
    A link to the second DVD would be wonderful.

  7. Maesse /

    @sibuble I agree with you, we can’t find these Flamenco stuff anywhere but here! Saludos :-)

  8. Ah Too Teng /

    My guitar teacher has lent me Juan Martin’s Solos Flamenco Volume (written notation and tabs as well as the CDs) and have been learning the Sevillana Grade 0 – first time trying flemenco and still learning basic classical guitar. I am now very interested in getting the book and the CD and very happy to find this website where I can download not just Volume 1 but also Volume 2. I find Juan Martin to be a great flemenco guitarist as well as a generous and great teacher. Hope to learn to play flemenco music on my guitar at least tolerably.

  9. david /

    juan martin is a best teacher for art of flamenco, thank you for this publish.

  10. Miles /

    can anyone put online just the audio cd?

  11. superstrings /

    Juan is a great teacher and i am very greatful to have the opportunity to download this content, thank you soo much. this site is fantastic!

  12. Maas /

    Thx very much for the download!! :-)

  13. Tah Riq /

    You are an absolute LEGEND. Thank you so much for the time to share. As much as I would love for Jaun Martin to profit from his book, being currently located in a part of the world where this book does not ship, this is super great. I learnt flamenco from his first book El Arte Flamenca De La Guitarra when I was 14…it was my frickin bible.

  14. mohammad ali /

    for kindness

  15. trotamundos /

    como se descarga

  16. david saputra /

    thanks my friends

  17. manoochehr /

    I adore this book

  18. Bokor Laszlo /

    It’s great. Menny thanks.

  19. snobeid /

    many thanks!

  20. georgios ellinas /

    juan martin congratulations. thank you to much!!!!!!!

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