Juan Martin’s Guitar Method (El Arte Flamenco De La Guitarra)

Aug 11 2016

Juan Martin’s Guitar Method (El Arte Flamenco De La Guitarra)

The secrets of Flamenco have been hard to learn without personal lessons from an expert teacher, and such teachers are rare indeed outside Andalucia or Madrid. Yet nearly everyone who plays or wants to play Spanish guitar would like to learn at least something about how those exciting sounds of Flamenco are created.
Here is the book, in one complete volume, in which a top-ranking flamenco soloist and recording artist reveals the very essence of the flamenco art of the guitar. Juan Martin is a virtuoso of the flamenco guitar with a rare combination of talents. He is a phenomenal player who has established an international name for his flamenco performances. In addition, he is an inspiring teacher with a passionate enthusiasm for communicating his enjoyment and knowledge of teh art to others.
Martin’s scores in this book are basic to intermediate, although a few of the falsetas require significant practice to play well at speed. The presentation and progression are very sensible, starting with some of the easier to understand palos and working up to the Bulerias, Alegrias, Tientos, etc. The palos are all presented in traditional style, but as you learn more modern falsetas and begin creating your own, you’ll find that they can be easily added to or exchanged with parts of provided scores. All music is written in both standard notation and tablature.
The essays on technique and history that are sprinkled throughout the book are an excellent bonus.
The accompanying CD is invaluable for understanding the sound of the pieces. Many of flamenco’s sounds are slightly misleading to write in standard notation. Thus it’s best to replay the tracks that you’re learning many times over to ensure that you’re getting the correct sound, and not making things harder for yourself than they should be. (This latter is an easy trap in which to get caught.)

Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3).

*In some cases CD is embedded in the PDF. Recommended software – Adobe Reader. Click the symbol “Clip” in the Adobe Reader to view attached Mp3 files.


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