Josquin des Pres – ’70s Funk & Disco Bass

Oct 20 2021

Josquin des Pres – ’70s Funk & Disco Bass

Josquin des Pres 70s Funk & Disco Bass PDF. The low, throbbing beat of great bassists like James Jamerson, Anthony Jackson, Larry Graham, Bootsy Collins, Louis Johnson and Verdine White drove the world to the dance floor during the disco era. In this new Bass Builders book, renown bassist Josquin des Pres provides 101 authentic funk and disco bass patterns to help players practice getting their groove. Includes standard notation and tab, and a CD with 99 full-demo tracks. Bass Builders is a series of technique book/audio packages created for the purposeful building and development of your chops. Each volume is written by an expert in that particular technique. And with the inclusion of audio – either CD or cassette – the added dimension of hearing exactly how to play particular grooves and techniques makes this truly like a private lesson.

Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3). 29 pages

Download Josquin des Pres – ’70s Funk & Disco Bass free and other lessons from our site


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  1. Farzaneh /

    Sorry.☹icant download it..can you help me!?

  2. bonecollector /

    I’m a begginer bass player, and this site is amazing. Thank’s for share some knowledgment

  3. kbistarsiceguitar244 /

    thanks for the link , best wish for you !

  4. Chain /

    i love it
    and i’m excited

  5. alceu /

    Muito bom. Que deus te abençoe.

  6. al_bass /

    cheers, thanks for the link!

  7. keibafan /

    Thanks for more great uploads!

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