Joseph P Befumo – Boxes Beyond the Blues

Sep 02 2020

Joseph P Befumo – Boxes Beyond the Blues

Joseph P Befumo Boxes Beyond the Blues PDF. A Pattern Approach to Jazz Improvisation. Many guitarists begin by learning a few ubiquitous ‘blues boxes’, and indeed, this approach has sufficed for many great musicians. Unfortunately, this approach can prove crippling if the player wishes to move beyond the blues, and into the world of jazz and fusion.
In writing this book, author J.P. Befumo helps guitarists who yearn to grow beyond the pentatonic blues boxes, but want to do so in familiar, incremental steps. The second group who will benefit from this book are those who have learned to strum a few chords and play some songs, but are mystified when it comes to playing leads. For both groups, the approach presented in this book will get the reader off and running in record time. Following the simple steps in this book will help the growing guitarist progress in a logical, structured manner. Moreover, unlike learning ‘licks’, without understanding why they work, with my approach the reader will fully comprehend what they’re doing and why it works. Most importantly, the author approaches the subject using familiar box patterns, as well as many new ones, while simultaneously building a vocabulary of intervallic awareness that will enable the diligent student to move solidly into the world of Jazz Improvisation.

Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3). 54 pages

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