Jonathan E. Peters – Music Theory

Aug 13 2020

Jonathan E. Peters – Music Theory

Jonathan E. Peters Music Theory download. An in-depth and straight forward approach to understanding music. Have you ever wondered how the musical scale came about? Or why certain pitches sound better together than others? “Music Theory”, by award-winning composer, Jonathan Peters, is a comprehensive course in the study of music. Much more than just memorization of musical terms and definitions… this course explains the “why”.
This book does a fantastic job of explaining the basics of reading sheet music. Completely demystifies time signatures. This alone is worth the price of admission. Does a great job explaining the circle of fifths and why its important. Covers key centers and keys brilliantly, does a decent job with modes. Expands on which concepts are really important, and offers strategies for learning them. Breaks complicated concepts into short chapters that are easy to digest and build upon one another. Has great recaps at the end of each section, and offers online quizzes as well.

Format: PDF + Video. 342 pages


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