Jon Finn – Improv Target Practice

Feb 23 2021

Jon Finn – Improv Target Practice

Jon Finn’s Improv Target Practice. One of the biggest challenges every guitarist faces while developing their improvisation skills is learning how to play over chord changes. Its one thing to work your pentatonic box all day long over a blues or 2-chord vamp, its quite another to solo over a series of chord changes, tonalities and keys. For intermediate players in particular, soloing over chord changes seems to be where the brakes get slammed on. At the same time, this skill is precisely where the rubber really hits the road on the path to musicianship.
The biggest misconception about learning how to play over changes is that you have to learn volumes about theory and harmony, or enroll full-time in a music college. While both of those options are certainly desirable, life gets in the way and few of us have the time to invest in either of those avenues. There are other options — and good ones at that!
Jon Finn’s Target Practice is one such option. Jon has been teaching guitar for over 26 years privately and at Berklee. Jon is a extraordinarily experienced, highly skilled and very well respected educator known for his inventive teaching methodologies that have proven themselves across thousands of students.


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Jon Finn - Improv Target Practice

Jon Finn – Improv Target Practice


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