John Valerio – BeBop Jazz Piano

Oct 27 2017

John Valerio – BeBop Jazz Piano

John Valerio BeBop Jazz Piano PDF. In this book in the Keyboard Style Series, author John Valerio provides essential, detailed information for bebop and jazz pianists on the following topics: chords and voicings, harmony and chord progressions, scales and tonality, common melodic figures and patterns, comping, characteristic tunes, the styles of Bud Powell and Thelonious Monk, and much more. The accompanying CD features many of the examples in the book performed either solo or with a full band. Also included are combo performances of five of the tunes featured at the end of the book.
Be-Bop piano is hard to teach; irregular accents, phrases that start and end in odd places, advanced harmony, and the language – the irks and quirks that make up the Be-Bop sound. All these things are difficult to convey because in practise they represent an abandoning of the rules.
John Valerio is a wonderful composer and teacher and has a very similar style to Mark Harrison (another composer in this series). This book includes important information about chords, voicings, harmony, chord progressions, scales, tonality, melodic figures and patters, comping, characteristic tunes, styles of Bud Powell and Theolonious Monk… anything that is used in any type of bebop jazz. It goes through the history and evolution of Bebop. The book moves quickly but provides the information that is important. It comes with a very handy CD which allows to hear what it’s supposed to sound like.

Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3). 96 pages

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  1. Devon Carrie /

    Great book

  2. Devon Carrie /

    This is a great book

  3. otisspann /

    gran coleccion keyboard styles series

  4. luchy /

    Thank you sooo much!! You rock :rockin:

  5. neilsaunders /

    All of John Valerio’s jazz-piano books are excellent. This, and its successor on post-bop styles, are perhaps the best of the bunch (and not just for keyboard players).

  6. Diego /

    Is great! Tanks for this book

  7. Evandro Carlos Bock /

    Greatful! Bebop Jazz in piano wonderful!

  8. hehehayi /

    thank you very much!

  9. fli /

    Greatful! Bebop Jazz in piano wonderful!

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