John Renbourn – Complete Anthology of Medieval & Renaissance Music for Guitar

Mar 10 2016

John Renbourn – Complete Anthology of Medieval & Renaissance Music for Guitar

A collection of 28 fingerstyle guitar solos and duets by fingerstyle guitarist John Renbourn. These solos are drawn from Medieval and Renaissance lute dance tunes and solos. All solos are in notation and tablature. The audio contains John Renbourn’s performance of 13 of the solos from the book.
Get the CDs on which these tunes appear if you can because while the Tab is excellent for those au fait with Tab it helps to hear the real thing first: over and over if necessary. If you were housebound by a cold winter or a self driven guitarist this book could be the challenge you’ve always wanted. If you have already mastered Tablature and note reading then you are in for a nice surprise because these are beautiful tunes, full of the atmosphere of days gone by. John Renbourn has managed to collect and arrange these pieces to appeal to the 21 Century person interested in bringing to life the sounds of days gone by.

Songs include:

  • Alman – John Renbourn
  • Bandora Lullaby – John Renbourn
  • Bourree I – Bourree Ii – Nicolas Vallet
  • Bransle De Bourgogne – Claude Gervaise
  • Bransle Gay – Claude Gervaise
  • Courante – Robert Ballard
  • Fantasia – Alonso Mudarra
  • Gipsy Dance-Jew’s Dance – Hans Neusiedler
  • Gittern Pavan – John Renbourn
  • Lachrimae Antiquae – John Dowland
  • Lamento Di Tristan-Rotta
  • Mal Sims – John Renbourn
  • My Lord Willobie’s Welcome Home
  • Pavanne D’espagne – Nicolas Vallet
  • Redford’s Meane – John Redford
  • Saltarello – John Renbourn
  • Se Lo M’accorgo – John Renbourn
  • Stantipes – John Renbourn
  • The Earl Of Salisbury – William Byrd
  • The English Dance – John Renbourn
  • The Irish Ho-Hoane – John Renbourn
  • The Moon Shines Bright – John Renbourn
  • Toy For Two Lutes – Thomas Robinson
  • Triple Ballarde – Guillaume De Machaut
  • Trotto – John Renbourn
  • Veri Floris – John Renbourn
  • Westron Wynde – John Renbourn

Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3). 177 pages

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