John O’Neill – Jazz Method For Saxophone

Feb 14 2022

John O’Neill – Jazz Method For Saxophone

John O’Neill Jazz Method For Saxophone PDF. Book will guide beginners of all ages from producing their first note on the saxophone to the performance of full-blown jazz pieces. Backing for all of the music specially recorded for this method is provided on the accompanying CD. The fundamental elements of good saxophone technique, breath control, tone production, embouchure, tonguing and fingerings are introduced.
If you don’t know how to read music and have no experience whatsoever with any instrument, we would recommend you another book, while it does dedicate a couple of pages to music reading.
This book very good explain all details what you need for see your progress.That is important when you would like to learning play a saxophone without teacher. The beginning chapters are all about the theory – it goes into a lot of description about breathing and tonguing, something which seems to be skimmed over far too quickly in other books.
The fact that even when you’re doing the basic exercises there is a backing track which makes it sound as though you’re playing real music right from the start. As well as having exercises and tunes for you to work through it also shows you the scales and encourages you to improvise, giving you tips on how this should be done. Throughout the chapters are recommendations for music to listen to and books to purchase which will build on what you’ve just learnt.
This book gives an excellent grounding in all the basics.It is well thought out and easy to follow. The CD is excellent. There are 69 exercises to learn and practice which will have you playing “My Little Shoes” and “Yardbird Suite” like Charlie Parker.

Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3). 99 Pages

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  1. NAANDI /

    it is for alto !

  2. Wellington Farias /

    Maravilhosa opção, este site

  3. shampu /

    yep audio comes in the tenor version..

  4. urbansense /

    If the person who uploaded this is reading this: Is there any chance you would have the alto version (for the audio) ?

  5. urbansense /

    The book is great but the audio which comes with it is the tenor version. Imagine my surprise when I heard that all the songs are a quart to low :) But thank you anyways!

  6. Lee Byoung Jae /

    this book is really good

  7. Marlos /

    Thanks for this book its Realy good

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