John Kember – Ragtime

May 29 2022

John Kember – Ragtime

John Kember Ragtime PDF. 15 Pieces for Piano Solo. This compilation of original compositions includes rags, two-steps and cakewalks. The fun, rhythmic pieces explore typical ragtime syncopation, helping to develop a sense of rhythm and independence of hands. All the pieces are performed on CD by John Kember and will be enjoyed by intermediate to advanced players.


  • Mississippi Rag
  • Red River Rag
  • Inconsequential Rag
  • Varsity Cake Walk
  • Louisiana Two-Step
  • Ragged Waltz
  • Serpentine Rag
  • Stardust Cake Walk
  • Non-Stop Two-Step
  • Keystone Rag
  • Mardi Gras Two-Step
  • Canal Street Rag
  • Perpetual Rag
  • Movietone Two-Step
  • Two-Tone Rag


Format: PDF + CD Audio tracks (Mp3). 26 pages


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