John Ganapes – Blues You Can Use

Jan 12 2014

John Ganapes – Blues You Can Use

Is this everything you need to know about blues guitar? Absolutely Not! Is this everything you need to get started with electric blues guitar? If you know your “basics” then the answer is Absolutely Yes! A comprehensive source designed to help guitarists develop both lead and rhythm playing. Covers: Texas, Delta, R&B, early rock and roll, gospel, blues/rock and more. Includes 21 complete solos; chord progressions and riffs; turnarounds; moveable scales and more. CD features leads and full band backing.
Should be considered a standard learning book for students of blues guitar. The material presented will enable you to have good understanding of a variety of blues styles. This book is not for the absolute beginner. If you are just picking up a guitar you might find the chord voicings presented too difficult to form. But if you can play even some basic chord forms and/or have any prior blues experience you will get lots out of this book. If you work the material presented you will be rewarded.

Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3). 96 pages

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  1. ricardodias /

    What about the audio/cd?

  2. stephen k /

    this a great book. Thank you so much

  3. Gros Beck /

    There is many nice arrangement. I have few time to play and it is fun work…
    I already have the full package but was missing tab of Delta Child
    I just get it, Thanks!!!

  4. fbarth /

    Thanks for sharing. Very good material for getting started, or to help teachers in the classroom.

  5. Fregand /

    Ganapes in spanish?

  6. Roadking /

    I bought the absolutely great and highly recommended book/CD ‘Blues You Can Use’ about a year ago. The unfortunate part is that my CD was accidentally broken. Is there an economical way that one go about getting just a replacement CD or the equivalent without having to repurchase a complete new one?
    Thanks in advance….

  7. errederojo /

    Started this book taking lessons great

  8. Steve /

    Have the book lost the cd. Thanks

  9. 987654321 /

    Awsome !!! Helps a lot !!!

  10. waynebon /

    Thanks I,m always learning.

  11. el.topo /

    wow!!! thanks a lot guys

  12. Schreier /

    New FULL book uploaded.

  13. el.topo /

    @DLPublic – that would be great. everywhere on the net the book is incomplete…

  14. DLPublic /

    I bought this book recently and am currently working my way through it. It assumes you have some guitar playing experience (chords etc.).

    I downloaded this file as I wanted a copy on my PC. However, the attached booklet is incomplete and in DJVu format (which requires a suitable viewer to read it).

    Thus I have just scanned my book (in PDF format. If there is a way to replace the incomplete DJVu booklet in this file, I would be willing to share.

  15. DLPublic /

    Perry, the included booklet is in DJVu format. However, only half the pages are there.

  16. perry2344 /

    The PDF file for John Ganapes-Blues you can use isn’t there…???

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