John Ganapes – Blues Rhythms You Can Use

May 24 2020

John Ganapes – Blues Rhythms You Can Use

John Ganapes Blues Rhythms You Can Use PDF. This is the sixth book in the Blues You Can Use series by John Ganapes, and it lives up to the standard set by the previous five. Focusing entirely on rhythm guitar in the blues, this volume teaches you the styles and techniques necessary to become a proficient member of a rhythm section. This book presents just about every blues rhythm imaginable and provides solid technical education about playings those rhythms. The book features standard notation and tab, and the CD includes 42 full-band tracks.
In almost all settings and ensembles, guitar players are called on to provide chordal, rhythm accompaniment much more often than lead guitar lines. Blues Rhythms You Can Use gives you the chords and chord progressions, rhythmic and strumming patterns and lead/rhythm hybrids that allow you to play like a pro.
The book covers major and minor triads, dominant and minor 7th, 9th and 13th chords, offering you complete sets of all of them. You will find altered 7(#9) chords, passing diminished chords, 6th chords and all of the secondary chords and chord substitutes, giving you the ability to embellish the progressions and make them more interesting and fun for you and your band.
Focuses on developing rhythm playing chops via 21 progressive lessons covering a variety of blues styles and techniques, including:

  • basic theory and blues rhythms;
  • major and minor blues;
  • 8th, 16th and triplet rhythms;
  • extensions;
  • passing chords and chord fragments;
  • lead-rhythm style;
  • funky blues;
  • jump blues;
  • blues rock

Format: PDF, 95 pages

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