Jimmy Kachulis – The Songwriter’s Workshop: Melody

Sep 10 2020

Jimmy Kachulis – The Songwriter’s Workshop: Melody

Jimmy Kachulis The Songwriter’s Workshop Melody PDF. Spark your imagination with hundreds of creative songwriting techniques! This hands-on guide provides lessons on how to write innovative songs, based on popular songwriting courses at Berklee College of Music. Whether you’re a beginning songwriter who can’t read a note of music, or an experienced professional looking for new ideas, this book will provide new insight into your craft; it teaches the fundamental techniques behind today’s hit songs, together with easy-to-follow exercises so you can immediately apply these tools to your own art. This book comes with access to online audio recordings so you can practice your songs with accompaniment, even if you can’t play an instrument.
This book might require basic theory in order to understand what is going on in the book, but this book is amazing! It teaches you how the professionals write the hit songs. Some people say this book sicks or something because this book doesnt teach you the style. It teaches you the skills to DEVELOP verse pre-chorus and chorus. Follow the things they teach in the book, it is impossible to write bad songs. Also, this is the actual textbook for song writing classes in Berklee college of music. Students use this book as their academic textbooks.

Format: PDF + CD Audio tracks (Mp3). 164 pages


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