Jim Holland – The Complete Book Of Drum Fills

May 28 2016

Jim Holland – The Complete Book Of Drum Fills

This book came about because of several reasons to fill several needs. Playing musical drum fills and solos in tempo, has been one of the most challenging problems facing the elementary drummer. This is why a systematic approach to learning both drum fills and solos is essential.
This book contains beat fill combinations from basic to advanced levels. It is a comprehensive learning guide with hundreds of fill and solo ideas. Loads of stuff for the beginner up to the experienced kit player. Breaks it all down into manageable chunks that are easy to learn and add into any beat.
There are dozens of books out there to teach you grooves -and they’re great- but not many books will show you how to fill! Start with basic fills and then advance to more challenging fills. As you learn each fill it becomes yours to pull out of your tool kit to use and modify!

Format: PDF, 66 pages


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