Jesse Nemitz – Vocal Lessons

Aug 18 2023

Jesse Nemitz – Vocal Lessons

Jesse Nemitz Vocal Lessons download free. Your balanced mix is one lesson away. Jesse attacks vocal problems with a vengeance. It’s not uncommon for Jesse’s students to attain the powerful mix they want – as high as they want – in their very first lesson. As a singer, Jesse has overcome various vocal problems in the past and uses his experience to identify with singers on every step of their personal journey towards vocal mastery.
Jesse has been a certified Brett Manning Master Associate since 2007, and is also the lead singer and songwriter for space-rock band 16th State. The band’s recently released ep, Revolutionary, showcases his prowess as a commercial rock singer and producer. Jesse’s passion is working with artists of all skill levels to perfect their technique and prepare them for the performance stage and the recording studio.


  • 3 Stage Vocal Warm Up
  • Authentic Technique
  • Balancing The Bass Voice
  • Beginner Hang Ups
  • Breathing
  • Consistent Vocals
  • Consistent Warm Up
  • Detailed Balance
  • Detailed Warm Up
  • Don’t Be Afraid To Sound Good
  • Easy High Notes
  • Getting Out Of Your Own Way
  • Getting The Voice Ready For Recording
  • Gifted Singers Need Practice Too
  • Gifted Vs Non Gifted Singers
  • Good Opera Bad Opera
  • Just Cant Get Enough Mix
  • Killing The Squeeze
  • Mix Voice For The Classical Singer
  • More Mix Please
  • Note Independence
  • Professional Vocal Setup
  • Q&A With Jason Catron
  • Smart Singing
  • Studio Warmup
  • The Missing Link
  • Tone Deaf Singing
  • Too Much Weight
  • Ultimate Cord Closure Workout
  • Vocalizing & Singing
  • Wheres My Vibrato
  • Why So Many Notes


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Year: 2008-2012
Country: USA
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Audio: WMA, 48-128 kbps, 44.1 kHz, 2ch
Booklet: No
Size: 6.71 Gb

Jesse Nemitz - Vocal Lessons

Jesse Nemitz – Vocal Lessons

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  1. antonio_diana /

    Thank you again for sharing and letting us know about such fantastic courses

  2. antonio_diana /

    very nice vocal lessons!
    thank you!!

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  4. JESSE /

    Thank you so much. Awesome

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    esta genial

  6. Gardy /

    Why? It’s working for me

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    Part 4 is not working :/

  8. shanerg78 /

    Just finished downloading, there’s a lot of content but it’s a little disorganized. It might take some thinking to figure out a logical order to watch the videos in.

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