Jeff Scheetz – Smart Practice For Guitar

Mar 14 2020

Jeff Scheetz – Smart Practice For Guitar

Jeff Scheetz’s Smart Practice For Guitar. “Practice, practice, practice.” Anyone learning to play an instrument has heard that sage advice a hundred times. Yet, more often than not it seems that no matter how hard or how long we practice, we just don’t seem to move the dial. What’s up with that?!
The answer is really very simple. It’s not just how long you practice. Or how hard you practice. Or even what you practice. It’s how you practice. Vince Lombardi said it best, ”Practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect.” Jeff Scheetz calls it Smart Practice and he’s designed a step-by-step practice system just for guitarists.
“I’m excited to share my Smart Practice for Guitar system along with many of the practicing techniques that I’ve developed and tested over the years. I’ve not only used these to improve my own playing, I’ve also helped thousands of students get great results with these methods and move their playing to the next level.”
Jeff organized Smart Practice for Guitar into several sections. In the first section, Jeff overviews the system and lays a foundation for you to build upon so that you’ll be able to get the biggest payoff for the time you invest in your practice sessions.
The second section, The System, is the core of Smart Practice and this is where you’ll define your musical goals, create what Jeff calls “Skillbox Inventory Lists” and schedule your practice time into “Smart Zones.” Jeff also shows you how to use the “5 Smart Steps” when you’re ready to really drill down. The included Smart Practice for Guitar worksheets play an important role in helping you craft your personalized Smart Practice system.
In the Smart Practice Techniques section you’ll be introduced to a wide range of useful and extremely effective practicing techniques designed to spice up your practice time. In the Methods and Concepts section, Jeff presents a series of practical tips to consider whenever you’re practicing.
“I highly recommend this course if you feel like you are putting in too much practice time and seeing too few results. And if you have been slacking, this is a great motivational tool that won’t take you that long at all to absorb and implement into your daily routine.” – Orrin Cummins.
Smart Practice for Guitar. You won’t find any licks or riffs in the Smart Practice for Guitar system — you already have plenty of that material. Smart Practice shows you how to organize your material into your practice sessions. You’ll learn how to quickly and easily identify what you need to work on next to move your playing forward.
Jeff equips you with a variety of practice techniques and approaches to maximize your practice time and yield optimal results. No more distractions, no more wasted time. The Smart Practice for Guitar system is modular so you can implement the entire system in your practice sessions, or cherry-pick the sections, worksheets or techniques that appeal to you most.
George Eliot said “It’s never too late to be what you might have been.” Practice smart, play hard!


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Jeff Scheetz - Smart Practice For Guitar

Jeff Scheetz – Smart Practice For Guitar


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