Jazz Piano Solos Volume 1 – Miles Davis

Jun 21 2018

Jazz Piano Solos Volume 1 – Miles Davis

Jazz Piano Solos Volume 1 Miles Davis PDF. Piano Solo Personality. New piano solo arrangements with chord names of 19 classic tunes by the great Miles Davis. If you like playing jazz and blues, this book is a perfect one. You don’t have to be a super pianist to play them. Any intermediate pianist who is very good in rhythm should be able to play the pieces of this book.
These piano arrangements actually sound good. They aren’t easy, but they aren’t dauntingly difficult either. An advanced pianist could immediately play many of these tunes. Intermediate pianists will have to work a bit to play them.

Songs include:

  • All Blues
  • Blue in Green
  • Boplicity (Be Bop Lives)
  • Circle
  • Dig
  • Eighty One
  • Flamenco Sketches
  • Four
  • Freddie Freeloader
  • Half Nelson
  • Miles
  • Milestones
  • Nardis
  • Seven Steps to Heaven
  • So What
  • Solar
  • Somethin’ Else
  • The Theme
  • Tune Up


Format: PDF, 84 pages


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